Propoganda in Nepali Media

Some news portals have been indulging in clickbait while reporting about the Robert Penner’s case. This sort of yellow-journalism needs to be exposed. The first step towards this yellow-journalism is to let the world read it. Hence, here’s the translation of one such online portal.

Due to fear of repercussion from the establishment, the identity of the translator has been withheld and Madhesi Youth collectively owns this article. We want the readers to read the following article with a pinch of salt and denounce the yellow-journalism of character assassination of Robert Penner.

The original article can be read here. and below is the translation of the same:

“Against Nepal within Kathmandu such a big conspiracy by a foreigner, leader got arrested”

Dainik Nepal 2016 May 3 9:33

Kathmandu, May 3. Canadian citizen Robert Penner who has played a major role in reporting misleading news worldwide against constitution of Nepal and laws, security and Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has been arrested by Nepal police.

rob1Especially writing irresponsibly in a way to interfere in Nepal’s internal security, propagating provocative sentiments against constitution and advocating Terai to be separated from Nepal, Canadian citizen Robert Penner has been arrested by Police on Monday. He was picked from Lalitpur.

According to the Police Robert Penner has been arrested for disturbing Nepalese nationality and national sovereignty through social media and various print media. Immigration department is preparing to cancel visa of Robert Penner who is in Nepal in work visa.

Robert through his twitter account has raised serious question on Nepal’s citizenship. He has told that, “Nepal’s constitution has left women without citizenship”. After knowing Robert Penner is engaged in such advertisement against Nepali and Nepal, police on request of immigration department has taken him in custody to initiate actions.

Robert Penner has used foul languages expressing anger in his tweets against Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority for arresting CEO of Sajha Yatayat Co-operative Ltd. His careless writings against a constitutional body is not tolerable by a self-respecting Nepalese.

Canadian citizen Robert Penner has also been supporting CK Raut’s mission to separate Terai from Nepal. As per the source he has met CK Raut and has expressed his solidarity with him.







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