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19 hours ago
I am Asha. Actually now I am Asha Devi bcoz I got married last year, when I turned 13. @PayalPallavi #Nepal #Madhes storiesofmadhes photo
2 days ago
@arujans it's from 2011 population census.
2 days ago
Tharus have rich art, culture & traditions. Their traditional dresses are very colorful, unique, & adorned with jewelry. @janmolhan #Nepal storiesofmadhes photo
4 days ago
A woman from the community of Rana Tharus. #Tharus constitute 6.6% of total population in #Nepal #Madhes. @janmolhan @digitalsubway storiesofmadhes photo
5 days ago
A #Muslim family living in the rural areas surrounding the birthplace of Lord #Buddha in Lumbini. @janmolhan @digitalsubway #Nepal #Madhes storiesofmadhes photo

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