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20 hours ago
Md. Anwar Rain is a vegetable farmer who earns just as much in his village in Bhramarpura, if not more, than young migrant workers abroad. storiesofmadhes photo
3 weeks ago
"I am making dung cakes to use it for cooking. This is what I do everyday." - Ramawati Devi (Barwa Village, Parsa) #Madhes #Nepal storiesofmadhes photo
3 weeks ago
"You can play with it but you cannot take it with you!" - Sneha
(Barwa Village, Parsa district) #Madhes #Nepal
storiesofmadhes photo
1 month ago
An ancient water well from the 12th century in the Ranibas palace area, Simraungadh. #Madhes #Nepal #History storiesofmadhes photo
1 month ago
"I can make these Jalebis in 5 minutes, wait & watch" (Rajbiraj, Saptari) #Madhes #Nepal #Streetfood storiesofmadhes photo
1 month ago
Ishara pond built in the 12th Century by King Shiva Singh of Simraungadh in his daughter, Ishwari's name. #madhes #nepal #history storiesofmadhes photo

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