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Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes3 hours ago
"मेरो नाम मनिषा कुमारी यादव हो। म जनता मा. बिधालयको कक्षा आठमा पढ्ने बिद्यार्थी हुँ। बिधालय बिदा हुने दिन म यसरी नै बिषनपूर चोकमा खिरा ( काक्रो ) बेच्ने गर्छु । म बिधालय जाने दिन मेरो दादी (हजुर आमा)ले खिरा बेच्नु हुन्छ।" - मनिषा कुमारी यादव (सप्तरी)

"बैनी ले मेरो प्रस्न "मदिरा पसल अघि यसरी खिरा बेच्दा नराम्रो घटना हो हल्ला देखेको छौ कि छैनौ?" भन्ने प्रस्न को उत्तर दिन अफ्ट्यारो माने पछि मैले कुरा मोडे। राम्रो पढ्नु भनी म निस्के। बैनिको जिम्मेवारीपुर्ण मुहार र उनको पढाई प्रतिको लगाब धेरै बर्ष याद आउनेछ।" - नारायण न्यौपाने

"My name is Manisha Kumari Yadav. I study in Janata Secondary School in class 8. During holidays I sell cucumbers in Bisanpur Chowk. When I am in school, my grandmother sells these cucumbers." - Manisha Kumari Yadav (Saptari)

"I changed the topic when she was awkward to answer my question; "You are working near this liquor store, have you witnessed or faced any problems due to this?". I left after wishing her to study well. Manisha's responsible work and her dedication to study will remain in my memories for many years." - Narayan Neupane

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Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes3 weeks ago
Sometimes the storyteller becomes the story. After writing many stories about #Madhes, #Nepal, our founder Puru Shah has become a story himself for his employer CTA Architects Engineers, an arch/engineering company in USA.
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes3 weeks ago
In December 2016, I visited a few labor camps in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as part of a research project about life of Nepali migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates.
After visiting labor camps in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in December 2016, I went to the Embassy of Nepal in UAE to speak with embassy staff and understand about the labor situation from their perspective. Coincidentally, I met a group of Nepali migrant workers there who had arrived to seek help from the embassy. I met Ambar Bahadur Tamang, Padam Bahadur Magar, Rudra, and four of their friends from the same Sisauli village in Udaypur district of Nepal.

All was going well until Mr. Tamang (in the photo) stopped receiving his salary since January 2016. After four months of unpaid salary and repeated false promises, Mr. Tamang and six other workers from the same village stopped working.

Mr. Tamang told his employer, “If you can’t pay us our four months of salary, at least give us our passport. We will purchase our return tickets at our own expense and return.” Even after this, his employer refused to return his passport. So, they headed to the Embassy of Nepal in Abu Dhabi to seek help. In a video interview at the embassy, he said, “We want to get out of this country and die in our own Motherland. We want to return to our country instead of being stranded here [in UAE].” The Embassy of Nepal prepared a travel document in lieu of the passport each for Mr. Tamang and six of his friends.

Read the full story on Madhesi Youth website.

Story by Yogi Hacker

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Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes1 month ago
'Chaite Chhath' being celebrated on the banks of Gangasagar in Janakpurdham.
PC: Ram Ashish Yadav
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes shared a link.1 month ago
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes3 months ago
Goddess Saraswati on a scooter.
Saraswati Puja and Basanta Panchami celebration in Janakpur.

Photo: Pallavi

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