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Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes1 day ago
The Surya temple in the middle of Ghadhiarawa Pokhari in Birgunj is also one of the biggest statue of lord Surya (Sun) in South Asia and one among very few in world in middle of a pond.

The Ghadhiarawa Pokhari is one of the most visited place in Birgunj and becomes a centre of attraction for tourists from Nepal during the biggest festival of Madhesi community Chhath.
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Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes3 days ago
People of Simraungadh
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Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes6 days ago
Simraungadh of Bara district is one of the historically rich places of Madhes. The place holds great importance in terms of history of Madhes and particularly Mithila. The name Simraungadh has been derived from a tree named Simmar that was found in the area.
Kankali Mandir, which is more than 100 years old has a statue of Goddess Kankali that is believed to be from the 12th century. The last excavation around this temple took place in 2051 BS. According to the locals, the things obtained from the excavation will be put in the museum that is being constructed.
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes1 week ago
The working women of Madhes.
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Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes2 weeks ago
"The government spends millions of rupees to improve irrigation facilities but our village has not received even a single penny. This is a temporary irrigation canal that we are digging to water our fields. Whenever there is a flood, the temporary dam that we make to divert the river water into the canal breaks and we have to come down and build it again.
We have to do this to earn a living."
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes2 weeks ago
Local spice shop in Saptari. #madhes #nepal


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