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We share stories of humans and life in Madhes - southern #Nepal. One story at a time. Also check us out on Instagram and Twitter @storiesofmadhes
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes2 weeks ago
A beautiful painting of Janaki Mandir by Suraj Shakya. Source:

#Janakpur #Madhes #Nepal
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes3 weeks ago
A seemingly simple street food like Panipuri requires several ingredients and spices. Its preparation is as much art as science. As soon as one bites this, it bursts with flavors, immediately overpowering the taste buds with all good things spicy food has to offer in life. Photo Puru
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes3 weeks ago
Panipuris are one of the popular street foods in #Madhes and the Indian subcontinent. For those who’ve tasted this, the mere mention or sight of this image might trigger a salivating stimulus (which is entirely a parasympathetic process). Photo Puru Shah
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes is with Bijay Dutta Mani.2 months ago
A teacher by profession, Bijay Dutta Mani has been into Mithila painting since his childhood. He has been professionally involved in Mithila painting for the past 30 years. Apart from being a teacher and painter, he is a Maithil poet as well. Bijay Dutta Mani has been promoting Mithila culture and painting by making traditional Mithila cap known as “paag” and scarf with Mithila are on it at his home.

In the picture, Bijay Dutta Mani is seen painting Mithila art on ‘Ramananda Dwar’ also known as Gateway to Janakpurdham.

Story based on his interaction with our team member.
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes4 months ago
(1/2) The unsung heroes of Maithil marriage ceremony.

Musical bands like this are famous all over Madhesh. More often than not, a marriage ceremony feels incomplete without them. They are self-taught musicians who often practise at weekends only, making this their part-time job. They sing a variety of songs, ranging from Maithili, Bhojpuri to Nepali and Hindi.


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