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Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes11 hours ago
Wedding function in Gadhimai temple of Bara district.
#Madhes #Nepal #Madhesiculture
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes1 day ago
Beautiful faces of Barwa village of Birgunj. #Madhes #Nepal #Childrenofmadhes
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes3 days ago
The current state of Ranibas temple area in Simraungadh of Bara district. Ranibas temple was built by Jagat Junja Rana, son of Junga Bahadur Rana. #Madhes #Nepal
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes in Birgunj.5 days ago
A local helping the cow quench her thirst
#EverydayBirgunj #Madhes #Nepal
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes with Babita Kushwaha Sah.7 days ago
Babita Kushwaha Sah completed her schooling from Rato Bangala School and graduated from Kathmandu University with a Bachelor's degree in Development Studies. As soon as she graduated from KU, she got the opportunity to be a Teach for Nepal Fellow. She completed her fellowship amidst the hardship in a rural village of Sindhupalchowk district. After completing her fellowship, she came to her village name Raghunathpur, Dhanusha district and stayed for a month as she loves to be with her in-laws, who treats her like a daughter. She joined Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance (THRD Alliance) as a Media and Communication Coordinator, right after she returned back to Kathmandu. Her work at THRD Alliance was praiseworthy. She has been married for a year but she never feels like she is married as she is pampered like a princess. The relationship between her and her mother-in law is remarkable although there was no dowry, be it a gold or cash. Her in-laws knows the value of education. They share an unbreakable bond. It's amazing to see her so much down to earth. Despite her education and high class friends circle, she is very attached with her ground, where she belongs(Madhes). She enjoys to be in village and helps her mother-in-laws in household chores.
Photo-story by Pravakar Sah based on his interaction with Babita Kushwaha Sah.
Stories Of Madhes
Stories Of Madhes1 week ago
A bauwa devouring a juicy orange. His father, Ram Jivan Yadav, has been working in Dubai since ten years. He is considering returning to Nepal permanently to spend time with family and see his young son grow up. - Sinarjora village, #Nepal. Photo: Puru Shah


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