Stories of Madhes

Why We Started Stories of Madhes?

We started ‘Stories of Madhes’ to capture and share daily life in Madhes, southern Nepal.

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Meet The Team

The photographs and stories are captured and curated by a team of volunteers.

Puru Shah
Puru Shah is from Janakpur and currently lives in USA. He is also the founder of Madhesi Youth. Through his passion in photography and storytelling, he aims to bring out the positive and human stories in Madhes.
Aashu Sarraf
Aashu Sarraf lives in Birgunj and runs The State Daily. He is passionate about development and improvement of living standards in his town. With keen eye for street photography, he captures authentic stories.
Riyaz Safi
Riyaz Safi lives in Janakpur and is a youth activist interested in political and social issues of marginalized communities and Madhes. His images and stories reflect his community involvement and passion.
Pallavi Payal
Pallavi graduated with a Masters in Development Studies from Kathmandu University. She has a keen interest in gender and women development. She is a storyteller based in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma is a student at Ashoka University. He has an interest in storytelling.

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