Livestream of #NotMyConstitution vs #BackOffIndia on Twitter

Twitter is a democratic sphere in true sense where supporters and dissidents can engage in a dialgoue (or verbal wars).

Many marginalized groups in Nepal, mainly women, Madhesis, Tharus and some  groups are expressing their dissatisfaction over the constitution on Twitter using hashtag #NotMyConstitution

Similar, nationalists in Nepal are expressing their disapproval towards repeated statements by India re: Nepal Constitution and the potential of violence spillover in Southern Nepal. They are expressing their views on Twitter using hashtag #BackOffIndia. We have attempted to show a livestream of both of these hashtags.


The twitter feed below shows all posts with #NotMyConstitution

The twitter feed below shows all posts with #NotMyConstitution

Puru Shah

Puru Shah is the founder of Madhesi Youth. For Madhesi Youth, he primarily writes about human rights issues and articles with an emphasis on data analysis & data visualization. His goal is to promote justice, equality, sustainable development, and youth empowerment in Nepal. Connect with Puru Shah on Twitter (@digitalsubway)