A Visit to Janakpurdham

Photos by: Heema Rai and Dewan Rai

On a recent visit to Janakpur, Heema Rai and Dewan Rai captured these gorgeous images.

Touristic Janaki Mandir

As Heema Rai takes photos for two sister buddies, Dewan Rai captures the entirety on a wide-angle GoPro. Photo Credit: Dewan Rai

Magnificent Janaki Mandir

Magnificent Janaki Temple at dusk. Shot on GProHero 5 wide view. A must visit place in Nepal. Photo and Caption: Heema Rai

The Iconic Gateway at Ramananda Chowk

This iconic gateway at Ramananda Chowk is a landmark structure in Janakpur. Photo Credit: Heema Rai

Inside Janaki Mandir

An evening inside Janaki Mandir. Photo Credit: Heema Rai

Behind Ram Mandir

This is the view behind famous Ram Mandir. Photo Credit: Heema Rai

Ganga Sagar

Heema posing in front of holy Ganga Sagar that hosts a daily Aarti program in the evenings, a must see in Janakpur. Photo Credit: Dewan Rai


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You can see more photos of different parts of Nepal taken by Heema Rai on her Instagram page: @nepalitravellergirl

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