Letter to Nepal’s PM KP Sharma Oli

The Prime Minister’s office, 
Letter Registration No.: C-4537
Registered Date: Oct 19, 2015

Rt. Hon’ble Mr. K.P. Sharma Oli
Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Re:  Request for addressing Madhes Andolan, and ensuring sufficient supplies of food and fuel to remote mountain villages for winter storage

Dear Prime Minister,
As a conscious and responsible citizen, I am writing to draw your attention towards the current looming humanitarian crisis and I ask you to make this priority for your government, and to ensure that the current problems are resolved at the earliest.

You must be aware through various media coverage about the ongoing protests, shutdown, killings and violence in the region of Tarai over two months. Crisis of fuel and basic supplies may not have affected the rich and powerful, but I hope that you realize this crisis has already crippled general lives in the capital, hills, mountains and even in Terai.

In the remote mountain and hilly villages, food, medicine and fuel among others  are usually stored in October to fulfill the requirement for the entire winter season. During winter, planes cannot land in these obscure locations and human trails are blocked due to snowfalls. Due to the current fuel crisis, enough planes are unable to reach such destinations, and hence adequate amount of supplies have to be reached there. If adequate supplies cannot be transported in such remote mountain villages by the end of flight and trekking season, this winter may come down as a fateful one for the poor villagers. Most of these villages have already been badly hit by the devastating earthquakes this April and May, and recovery phase of which is still on.

I consider the people of plains, hills, mountains and capital as equal citizens of Nepal. I have no affiliation towards any protesting political parties of Tarai. However, as a fellow citizen, I feel connected to the woes of agitating Madhesi and Tharu in Madhes and Terai, and consequently the sufferings. Many of the protesters are protesting for their civil-rights, and with a patriotic feeling, they are above the political demands of the parties claiming their representations. I believe you, as a politician, must be in an informal communications with these political parties. However, I request you to make a conscious effort to reach out to these people at protests and initiate a dialogue as soon as possible.

During the totalitarian rule of the then King Gyanendra in April 2006, the pro-democratic movement restored democracy with just a 2-3 weeks of protests, and the casualties and losses of lives were comparatively much lesser. However, the movement of Tarai has prolonged over two months and claimed 46 deaths and hundreds of casualties. Inequality, suppression by the state to Madhesis and Tharus are historic, and so are their sufferings. I request you to kindly visit protests locations, communicate with the protesters and listen to their voices, hopes and aspirations. Please make an effort to understand the essence of this struggle of the country’s own people and contemplate on it.

Both the police and protesters have been clashing and fighting each other over the last two months. From my point of view,  both of them are both equal citizens of our country. I am yet to understand any reason for the battle between police and civilians; which has already claimed dozens of lives on both sides. It is also your moral responsibility to visit the families of both the deceased police and civilians and listen to their grief. It is high time that you and your colleagues think beyond the politics of calculations and move above the loopholes of rule of law and for once think like a responsible caretaker of the country. I believe this time you will make decisions with a humanitarian approach, and make prime-ministerial position responsible towards the people. I expect you to address the agitating groups.

The diplomatic relations with India and the issues of Madhes are two separate dimensions. However, the focus of diplomatic failures between Nepal and India has been blamed towards the innocent people of Madhes and both the government leaders have used the region for their escape plan against their moral and technical responsibilities. To solve the problems with India, let the government resolve the border unrest and restore peace in Tarai region. This will make India lift obstructions and the problems of Nepal-India ties can be resolved through diplomatic way.  This is how the government’s efforts resume supplies of fuel and essential goods from India to Nepal. Then only, people will realize the presence of the government to create them favorable environment to celebrate festivals. This will significantly help restore peace and stability in the country.

The politics of ‘divide and rule’ is passé; it’s out-of-date. Hence, the need of hour is to unite the people and lead the nation towards peace, prosperity and development. I sincerely request you to resolve the current humanitarian crisis of the country not as a problem or a challenge, but as an opportunity to serve the people, and fulfill your duty towards the nation.

Thank you


Santosh Shah
Barahathawa-8, Sarlahi
Citizenship No: 08900056, Sarlahi.
Current address: Anamnagar-32, POB-20013, Kathmandu.
Phone: 01-4220459, Mobile: 9860-427184

Letter to PM
Above is English Translation of original copy in Nepali, whose scanned copy is the image.