Letter to Nepal’s President Yadav

The President’s Office,
Letter registration no.: 635
Registered Date: Oct 19,2015

H. E. Dr Ram Baran Yadav
The President of Nepal
Shital Niwas, Kathmandu

Re: Request for the mediator or take the lead in solving Nepal’s current humanitarian crisis

Your Excellency,
Time has brought an excellent opportunity for you to be accountable towards uniting people, restoring peace and harmony, and leave a memorable accomplishment at the end of your term.

You must be aware of the protests, shutdown, killings and violence in Tarai region over the last two months. I have had sleepless nights thinking about the nation at risk, due to prolonged Madhes Andolan. Crisis of fuel and basic supplies in the capital, hills, and mountains and even in Terai has thrown general lives out of gear, and people look dismayed during the festive season. Due to the indefinite protests in Tarai, the men staging sit-in protests on streets day and night put lives of their children and women in villages with open borders with India at a vulnerable condition.

In the remote mountain and hilly villages, food, medicine, and fuel among basic supplies are usually stored in the month of October for the entire brutal winter. During winter, planes cannot land in these obscure locations and trails are blocked due to snowfalls. Due to the current fuel crisis, enough planes are unable to reach such destinations and hence adequate amount of supplies have not reached there yet. By the end of flight and trekking season, if adequate supplies do not reach such remote mountain villages, this winter may come down as a fateful one for those poor villagers. Most of these villages were badly hit by the devastating earthquake this April, and they are still in a recovery phase.

You hold a national approach; you see the nation as one and view people above their race and ethnicity. I hold the same approach. Since we both have are origins in Tarai, it is our moral duty to act now and be at service to the people in Tarai and the entire nation.

We ended the royal regime to ensure there was no distance between the rulers and the ruled. We created the presidential system such that a citizen can take the honorable post and be available for the citizens in need. The presidential protocol may have blocked you from being active in several sectors, however, I am sure the protocol does not block you from meeting the common people and should not stop you from being a part of their grief and being with them at these times of sorrow.

Mr. President, you hold the highest position in the country, and your position can play a vital role in facilitating the government and stakeholders to resolve the crisis. Thus, I humbly request you to act as the mediator or take lead in solving Nepal’s current humanitarian crisis.

Thank you

santosh shah

Santosh Shah
Barahathawa-8, Sarlahi.
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