Madhesh Mourns: Celebrate or Lament ?

While the citizens of Nepal are finally blessed with a constitution after years of waiting, most of the terai region mourns the deaths that couldn’t be prevented in the fight for equality in the “new” republic era. “The government announced holiday and deepawali without showing any respect to the deceased” says Ajay Pathak from Jaleshwor. While Kathmandu is busy with the appearance of the new constitution, lets hear what Madhesis across the world have to say about our constitution.

  •   “The streets are Empty. Anyone has barely walked out of their houses in Jaleshwor. People have placed black flags on the roofs and balconies of their houses to mourn the deaths. The market remains closed and it makes me sad. This morning I opened Facebook and saw people welcome the constitution. I don’t say that this is wrong but please at least remember your brothers and pay your tributes. “ – Ajay Pathak, Bajrahi, Jaleshwor -7


  •   “It makes me sad that I am not in Nepal on such a day but when I think about people back home, I don’t know if I could accept this constitution which is nothing but a “Republic” form of the 2046 B.S. It is a good start that our country finally has a constitution, however, the ignorance of the government towards Madhesis (one-third  of all Nepalis) is heart-breaking. I am bewildered about the country not showing respect to the deceased and still treating Madhesis as second class people” – Aashish Sharma , Janakpur Badiya Banchauri VDC 6


  •    “This is a shameful act by the government. The constitution is for the people not the government. These political parties don’t want many madhesi people in the government. Constituencies should be based on proportional representation but Only 100 out of 275 constituencies are based on PR. I voted for these leaders because they promised madhesi equality but I regret it now”Anit Sharma – Dhanauji Kataiya, Dhanusa


  •   “I am happy for the constitution but they should have shown respect to the deceased, not only Madhesi but the police too, and address more of the Madhesi demands. I wasn’t against anyone before but this type of behavior has convinced me not to respect the Nepali Leadership” –  Rahul Ray , Janakpur -8.


  • “This is not good. Government cannot ignore Madhesi and other marginalized groups and force us to follow a constitution we don’t agree to. Also, this is not a new thing, the protests have been taking place since the last decade!” – Mangal Mandal, Birgunj


  •  “How can they expect us to follow the leaders who compare their own citizens to falling mangoes and call them dhoti and insult them” Dipesh Mishra , Madhawa, Mahottari.



With all of this happening, the constitution is still going to be declared. Madhesh mourns while government says “deepawali”. Madhesh remembers the deceased. There is no festival in terai today but emptiness.