Invitation: Nepal invites CA representatives to celebrate back home.

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate our Constituent Assembly for having come up with a constitution  passed by two-thirds majority. This is indeed a marvelous achievement by our leaders in the long constitution less nation. The announcement of public holiday for two days to celebrate the new constitution is exciting and “deepawali”   adds up to the celebrations. I, however, would also like to encourage the leaders to encourage people back home, or their election constituency, to celebrate Deepawali personally.

Congratulations Everyone Lets celebrate together 😀

Asking for votes was rather personal so celebrations shouldn’t be any different; right? CA members are welcomed all over the country to celebrate the birth of a new constitution with the people who provided them with the authority to make the rules.


I heard about a tea party too, for celebration of course! It would be a great endeavor to the citizens all over the country receiving a little sweet budget :D.

Put your Hands Up in the air and, Dance.

Madhesis celebrating “Black Day” on Sunday must break their hearts. After all, they are our representatives and they love us. It doesn’t really matter; we will still welcome you like we have always done. Please gladly accept the Madhesi Invitations and kindly replace the black flags with bright lights and we shall be grateful to you. We will even buy some laddus (sweets) if that’s your taste.