Are Nepal PM Oli’s statements side-effects of “Steroids”?

Cardiologist Dr Arun Sayami, in a recent program to launch his book, “Cardiology and Critical Care”, defended Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli’s health condition. He said, “There are rumors about PM Oli’s state of psychological fitness. He has been taking steroids.”

PM Oli is healthy. The rumors that he cannot recall anything because of the medicine are absolutely wrong, Dr Sayami claimed. According to him, Oli has been taking prescribed medicine following the transplantation of his kidney.

However, Dr Sayami’s concern about PM Oli’s health condition later became the main concern among participants during the launch. One of the participating doctors said:

Dr Sayami should not have brought up the Prime Minister’s health concerns during the function. It seems as if he was asked to share such a thing publicly.

Recently, Oli’s promises to install cooking gas pipes in houses, end load-shedding within a year and generate electricity using the air were mocked amid wide criticism over social media.

PM Oli, while addressing the inauguration of the reconstruction program at Lalitpur on Saturday, made another joke – that walls need to be built to prevent earthquake damage. The Prime Minister said:

Not only houses. If walls are built by piling up pebbles around the houses, the strength of the earthquake will be reduced as the wall collapses when the earthquake strikes.

At a time when such remarks by KP Oli are explained as the effects of the drugs that he takes, he said that those who criticize him are spreading such rumors, and that some in the media are making news out of it. In the program, he also claimed that his opponents placed a cursed object under his chair.

I survived after I fell from the helicopter, while I was inside jail, when my kidney failed, and whenever I suffered from diseases like meningitis and pneumonia. But how can I die of such a spiritual object placed under my chair?

While Dr Sayami had initially revealed the fact of the PM’s steroid use in small doses, he later also tried to hide the information.

Some doctors have already commented on PM Oli’s aggressive and unusual expressions as side-effects of the medicine. Since his kidney transplants some eight years ago, he has been taking immunosuppressants, and steroids among other necessary medicines.

It is learnt that since the transplanted organ belongs to someone else, it tries to reject the body. If more immune power is developed, the organ trying to reject the body is put under risk. Even when the immunity is lower, there are risks of facing different sorts of effects. During these recent days, side effects of the immunity power are lessened in Oli’s body, according to doctors involved in his treatment.

A euphoric feeling is generated in human beings when steroids are used immediately or are overdosed. The power of a superman who could do anything comes into the mind of someone who takes the medicine, doctors say.

Besides the euphoric effect, steroid medicine users also face other side effects, such as a decrease in immunity, eyesight problems, bone weaknesses, diabetes, and muscular weakness, among others.

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