Press Release – Photojournalist Rauniyar To Receive a New Camera


A new DSLR camera will be handed over to photojournalist Bikram Rauniyar amid a function organized in Kathmandu on Monday, Nov 9, 2015.

On the occasion, Rauniyar will also receive a voucher for a photography training and additional cash.

Earlier, about two months ago, some  Armed Police Force (APF) personnel had attacked Rauniyar, thrashed him and smashed his camera while he was filming the ongoing protests in Janakpur. The camera that he had bought from his five years’ saving was a source of livelihood for him and his family.

Following the incident, Madhesi Youth and another joint effort by Code for Nepal (CFN) and Story South Asia (SSA) had launched fundraising campaigns to purchase a new camera for Rauniyar.

From the online campaigns, Madhesi Youth raised a sum of $543 (NRs. 54,300) using Life Indiegogo while Code for Nepal and Story South Asia jointly raised $580 (Rs. 58,000) using Fund Dreamer.

Besides online campaigns, Madhesi Youth also raised $151.5 (Rs. 15,150) through cash donations & pledges while Code for Nepal and Story South Asia jointly raised $420 through donation by Mrs. Surabhi Chaudhary of Chaudhary Group.

The camera cost about $600 and it consists of several additional interchangeable lenses, tripod, external flash, and memory card among others.

“We feel proud to announce the success of our campaign. We are overwhelmed by love and support that all the donors have shown for the photojournalist Rauniyar,” say Puru Shah, Founder of Madhesi Youth and Ravi Kumar, Co-Founder of Code for Nepal.

Some of the remaining funds will be spent to cover the photography training for photojournalist Rauniyar as per his interest. About $750 of the remaining cash will be handed over to Rauniyar.

Rauniyar says, “Thank you everyone. I can’t believe this, your support has not only given me a new camera, but it has instilled further enthusiasm and courage in me.”

According to Puru & Ravi, “While our support can not stop the deplorable acts of human rights violations against journalists, at least purchasing a camera for him has brought back smiles to a hardworking journalist”.

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Download a PDF copy of Press Release – Photojournalist Rauniyar to Receive a New Camera

We look forward to your gracious presence in the program. Please reach out to Praveen Yadav if you have any questions. Below are details about the press conference.

Date: November 9, 2015

Conference: 1 pm

Location: Bikalpa Art Cafe, near the UN house, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

See below for a short description of all three organizations involved in the two fundraisers.

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