Online Petition to Stop Deportation of Robert Penner

Supporters of Robert Penner have started an online petition via titled, “Stop Deportation of Robert Penner” . The petitioned are Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Kedar Neupane, the Director General of Immigration Department in Nepal. The petition aims to stop deportation of Robert Penner and calls on petitioned authorities to uphold Freedom of Expression guaranteed under Article 19 of UDHR and ICCPR. ICPR is a binding  agreement that Nepal signed in May 1991.

Below is the content of the online petition.

Stop Deportation of Robert Penner

Robert Penner has been working in Nepal for 3 years. He loves Nepal and its people. To immerse in local culture, he also learned Nepali, the country’s most widely spoken language.

Given his compassionate heart and a rational mind, he actively engaged in discussions about human rights situation in Nepal through social media. This seemingly led to his arrest and detention by Nepal Police. The Immigration Department of Nepal has asked him to voluntarily leave within two days but we want to appeal this decision because Rob loves Nepalis and we love him too.

Robert has spoken against the use of children during protests in southern Nepal (Madhes), obstructions by Madhesis at the Nepal-India border, use of violence during protests in Madhes, human rights violations by protesters and security personnel, false statements by journalists & human rights activists against a report published by Human Rights Watch, discrimination of women in Nepal constitution, abuse of authority by CIAA, and more.

The authorities in Nepal have accused him of using social media posts to ‘disrupt harmony’ in Nepal. He merely exposed the problems and differences that already exist between different communities in Nepal. He should not be made a target of proxy war between Oligarchy and Madhesis. We want to say aloud, “Don’t kill the messenger”. Stand With Robert Penner in this fight for justice and upholding Freedom of Expression guaranteed under Article 19 of ICCPR.

Nepal is the land of Buddha and we advocate tolerance, not xenophobia. ‪#‎StandWithRobert

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