The NHRC Report – Engage in Dialogue and End NA Deployment

The National Human Rights Commission released a press statement on September 11, 2015 to call for a meaningful dialogue among the government and agitating parties. Similarly, it also requested the government to end Nepal Army deployment in riot-affected districts. The report confirmed 35 dead so far and determined that security personnel violated national and international laws by firing live bullets indiscriminately. Likewise, it also determined that some of the protests were not peaceful since household weapons and explosives were used. A full report in Nepali and English can be read below.


Press Release by National Human Rights Commission on September 11, 2015.
Press Release by National Human Rights Commission on September 11, 2015.

Avinash Mishara, a team member of Madhesi Youth translated the official document from Nepali to English and it is published below. We apologize for any lapse in translation accuracy.

National Human Rights Commission of Nepal

Press Release
For Use of Media
2072, Bhadra 25 (September 11, 2015)

Call For Meaningful Dialogue and End Nepal Army Deployment

The National Human Rights commission, led by the chairperson, carefully monitored the 20 districts that are hit by continuous protests because of the disapprovals in current constitution drafting and federal state bordering. The reports from those districts show 35 deaths; hundreds injured; and acute loss in private and public properties.

While in the process of watching these districts, use of expired tear gas shells and fatal weapons on countless occasions to deliberately subjugate the protests was evident. The wounds sustained by the deceased and injured because of the bullets fired by the security personnel clearly shows the violation of national as well as international law and order. Similarly, the use of household weapons, petrol bombs, and explosives by the protesters to damage public property and police offices defies the essence of a peaceful protest as mentioned by the political leaders advocating the cause.

The condition mentioned above and continuous strike in the affected districts as well as the incapability of the government to address the issue critically, has diversely affected the Human Rights practices across the country. To minimize the loss of property and create peace, the serial regulation of curfews and riot-zones by the administration has only instigated fear in the locals and the possibility of enjoying rights equally among all the countrymen has only gone distant. Hence, the Human Rights Commission expects the government to withdraw the Army and also asks the people to demonstrate their needs peacefully while the government and protesting leaders should sit together and sort all the issues and disagreements out.

Signed by:
Mohna Ansari

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