Madhesi front decides to allow schools, medicine supplies in Nepal [with new protest programs]

Issuing a press release on Thursday, United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) decided to allow the operation of academic institutions in Tarai region and supply of medicines in Nepal through border.

After the talks between UDMF and High Level Political Committee, which was said to be decisive, failed, a meeting of the UDMF held on Thursday made the following seven decisions.
  1. To further intensify the ongoing protests so as to pressure the government and three key political parties — Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and UCPN-Maoists – for addressing the demands of Madhesis, Janjatis, Tharus, Muslims, Dalits and other marginalized communities.
  2. To give continuity of ongoing different forms of protests, especially closure of transportation, markets, factories, and obstruction of border and highways and strongly intensify them.
  3. To bring the above mentioned ongoing protests into effect in an intensified manner from Saturday (November 21, 2015)
  4. To organize torch rallies in different major town and city areas on Sunday (November 22, 2015)
  5. To mark 100th day of ongoing protests on Monday (November 23,2015) in different locations of Tarai-Madhes districts by observing five-minute silence program at 1 PM to pay tribute to all the martyrs of Madhes movement
  6. To allow the resumption of schools and colleges in the morning shift
  7. To allow the transportation of cargo vehicles carrying medicines, oxygen cylinders and other health equipments to enter Nepal through Biratnagar-Jogbani border point during daytime.
  • Binayak Shrestha

    … and the very next day… a vehicle carrying medicine burns….
    — is the protest gone out of the hands of so called political leaders who claim to represent the people of Madhesh?…looks to me that way. If both sides stick to my way or highway approach, what is the way out?

    I’m against the killing of the protestors by the police (with orders given from maathi) and equally against the killing of police by the protestors…and yes I have written against it in this website too. I’m also against equating daura surwaal with being Nepali. Wearing a dhoti or daura surwaal has zero significance on how much Nepali we are.