An Interview with Subodh Keshari in Biratnagar by Prashant Jha

A Nepali journalist Prashant Jha who writes for Hindustan Times reached Biratnagar to interview a few locals about the protests and response from Nepali security personnels there. Below is the video Prashant Jha shared via Rakesh Mishra’s facebook page.


This is what happened to Subodh whose Sister,Rinku keshari was shot in abdominal region while she was on her terrace in Sarhochiya…..Biratnagar…… Last part of interview also shows overwhelming support for India’s role in Nepal ……coutesy Hindustan Times associate editor Prashant Jha

Posted by Rakesh Mishra on Sunday, September 27, 2015


The interview is conducted in Hindi language. Shalini Gupta, a volunteer with Madhesi Youth has transcribed the conversation from Hindi to English. A transcript is included below.

Prashant Jha – I am in the middle of the Madhesi demonstrations that happens every evening in Biratnagar. Tales of state brutality continue to pour in. We have with us Subodh, who is telling me what his sister faced.

Prashant Jha – Subodh, what were you telling us? What happened with your sister?

Subodh- My sister was on the roof of our house when she got hit by a bullet.

Prashant Jha- Your sister was just standing on the roof and she was hit by a bullet?

Subodh – Yes sir.

Prashant Jha – She was not a part of the protests?

Subodh – No sir.

Prashant Jha – She was just in her home on the roof and she got hit by the bullet?

Subodh – Yes sir.

Prashant Jha – What happened next?

Subodh- I had taken some food to the hospital and I had returned home. I was on my way to the hospital again to take some more food, money and water. Outside my house on the road, they grabbed me and beat me up very brutally. I have five stitches here (points to the head), and see I have injuries here (shows the knee).

Reporter- You were not taking part in the protests?

Subodh – No.

Reporter- You were just coming back from the hospital?

Subodh – No. I was going back to the hospital with more food.

Reporter- Why do you think the Police/ Administration is acting this way?

Subodh- I don’t know…because I am a Madhesi. They look at my face, if I look Madhesi they start beating. As soon as I speak Madhesi, they start beating.

A participant in blue T-shirt and black shades chimes in.

Participant – Such protests happen in the hills also sir, but what they do there is ‘lathi-charge’ on the protesters. Here they shoot directly.

Subodh – Gun, sir, they hit me with the gun’s butt on my head and injured me.

Crowd- All of us, they just want us to flee.

Reporter- Flee where?

Old man with glasses- To India.

Somebody in the crowd- Everybody says to us “You are Indians.”

Reporter- There is a statement from India about Nepal and Madhesh. What do you think about it?

Crowd- It is correct, and good.

Young Participant in the crowd – Sir, the Media here is biased, they don’t report anything about us.

Young Participant in the crowd – India should take action.

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