40th Day of Protest – Tougher protest decided by agitating Madhesi front begins today (Press Release)

Tougher protests across Terai/Madhes region begins today, 40th consecutive day

On Wednesday, the United Democratic Madheshi Front (UDMF), has decided to continue their protests but in a tougher way.

The upcoming protests will be centered at highways and customs offices, according to leaders who met in Rajbiraj, district headquarters of Saptari district. Their meeting has also decided to further strengthen the protest by forming working alliance with other parties.

A leader said a taskforce comprising of General Secretary of Sadhbhawana Party Manish Suman, Rajendra Shrestha of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Govinda Chaudhary of Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party and Ram Naresh Raya of Tarai Madhesh Sadhbhawana Party has been formed for co-work with other agitating parties.

Future protest will be centered at highways and customs offices, according to leaders.

See the UDMF’s press release below:

Madhesi morcha movment_nepal_constitution
Madhesi morcha movment_nepal