Madhesi Youths in Birgunj

Madhesi Youths in Birgunj organized programs to discuss the development of Madhes, the state response to the Madhes Andolan, a street cleaning initiative and a fundraiser among others. Several days of these activities was captured in this 4 minute video by a Swedish filmmaker Leo Palmestål.

Praveen Kumar Yadav, a team member of Madhesi Youth accompanied Leo to Birgunj to help Leo make a documentary about the Madhes Andolan. In 2006, Leo had made another video, “Nepal Zindabad” about the popular movement to overthrow erstwhile King Gyanendra in Nepal.

These Madhesi Youths are passionate about the development in Nepal and need all of our support. At a time when the nation seems polarized due to Madhes Andolan, thanks to inflammatory remarks by political leaders on both sides and selective reporting by the media, we hope the youths of Nepal can come together to overcome our ideological differences and work for the betterment of Nepal as a whole.

Stay tuned for Leo’s forthcoming documentary about the Madhes Andolan.

The featured image is courtesy of Bikash Mishra

Puru Shah

Puru Shah is the founder of Madhesi Youth. For Madhesi Youth, he primarily writes about human rights issues and articles with an emphasis on data analysis & data visualization. His goal is to promote justice, equality, sustainable development, and youth empowerment in Nepal. Connect with Puru Shah on Twitter (@digitalsubway)