Madhes Speaks in Birgunj

Aashu Sarraf
Birgunj, Nov 16:

Let us not spread hatred though I am full of anger, read a placard that a youth in blue dress carried nearby Maisthan Temple in Birgunj on Monday. She was Khusboo Gupta.


Khusboo was not alone to carry the placard with her message.  There was an overwhelming participation of more than 70 people, mostly youths, in the program to express their views on the issues of Madhes.








Words and bullets do not build Nepal, politicans: An elderly woman from Madhes

#MadhesSpeaks event aims to present the voices of Madhesis without political affiliation for their rights at a time when Madhes has come to a grinding halt due to the ongoing protest since last three months.

While asking for vote, I am a Nepali but when I ask for Rights, I am a bihari? says another elderly woman.

#MadhesSpeaks, an initiative of Madhesi Youth, started from Janakpur and was hosted by local youths in Birgunj. The event was led by Lokesh Karn and Shalini Gupta jointly.

“#MadhesSpeaks is praiseworthy and need-of-the-hour initiative,” said Shalini Gupta, thanking Madhesi Youth and all the participants.

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The MadhesSpeaks will take place in other districts of Madhes, different parts of the country including Kathmandu and across the globe, according to Madhesi Youth.