Madhes to observe Black Day on The Constitution Day on Sep 19: TMNC

September 18:

While Nepal is set to mark The Constitution Day on September 19, youths of Madhes will observe Black Day to demonstrate their resistance over the constitution. The Constitution of Nepal was promulgated two years ago.

To commemorate the constitution promulgation day, the government of Nepal has public holiday to observe the day. The youths in Madhes has announced the Black Day on The Constitution Day.

Earlier, Madhes-based political parties had been marking this day as The Black Day, but this year they have not made any announcement to continue the observation of Black Day with their participation of Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) in local body elections for the third phase. Youths in Madhes were not happy with RJPN’s decision to take part in the elections without the constitution amendment.

But this year, Terai Madhes National Council (TMNC), issuing a press statement today, has announced the “Blackout Protest” to protest the constitution. According to the press statement:

Terai Madhes National Council (TMNC) is a voluntary missionary association of politically aware and empowered youths. It has been undertaking various campaigns to resolve political and social issues prevailing in Terai-Madhes.

On September 19, the Black Day will be observed in Maitighar of Kathmandu, and all the districts of Terai-Madhes, according to  TMNC member Kashindra Yadav, who issued the press release.

The press statement further reads:

Let us not forget that youths of Madhes have completely objected the acceptance of the constitution, and are boycotting the elections, which are a part of the constitution implementation process. The youths have decided to observe The Black Day on Tuesday. Unless the constitution is amended, the Constitution Day cannot be the auspicious day for us. On The Constitution Day, we are observing The Black Day to commemorate the sacrifices of our people in the struggle for our rights.

The youths have demanded the amendment of the constitution in such a manner that meets the aspirations of discontented communities to ensure social justice for rebuilding long-lasting peace in Madhes and Nepal.

According to the TMNC activists:

The Constitution Day in Nepal will always remain to be The Black Day for Madhesis until the meaningful amendment of the constitution addresses their dissatisfaction. Unless the constitution is amended, its legitimacy will always be questioned. The Madhes will have ownership over this constitution only after it is amended to meet their aspirations. Then only, we will observe The Constitution Day.

Here is the full text of Press Statement

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