Dialogue with Madhesi will resolve the crisis says Prof. Hachhethu

NEW DELHI, 28 Nov: Nepal should resolve the crisis through holding serious dialogue with the Madhesis said Prof Dr. Krishna Hachhethu, the famous political analysts of Nepal.

During the interaction program held at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) he said that the present crisis is a political one and it should be dealt by through political dialogue. He added that there is no point blaming India for the crisis.

Speakers: Prashant Jha, Prof. Krishna Hachhethu and Bikash Mishra (Left to right)
Speakers: Prashant Jha, Prof. Krishna Hachhethu and Bikash Mishra (left-to-right)

In the context, he clarified that Nepali society has been fighting for an inclusive constitution since decades but their demands and aspirations were not addressed. He blamed that even the present constitution is paying deaf ears to such genuine demands of the ethnic groups, Madhesis, Dalits and women.

“If Nepali state mobilize army, it will invite civil war in Nepal”, stressed Prof Hachhethu.

Speaking heavily against the present government, he said that the civil societies should pressurize the government to hold the meaningful dialogue, resolve the crisis and ease the flow of goods from India.

The program was organized by Tarai Madhes Study Group of JNU and was attended by members of United Madheshies Of Nepal-Delhi, students from Delhi University, South Asian University, Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi, Indira Gandhi National Open University along with the students of JNU.

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