(With Video) Citizens Marched to Parliament in Capital to Pressure Govt.

By Leo Palmestål

As the crisis, following the promulgation of the new constitution in September, deepens in the country, hundreds of citizens from Maitighar Mandala marched to parliament in Baneshwar of the capital on Saturday.

The citizen march to parliament was an initiative of citizens’ network in solidarity with ongoing Madhes movement to pressure the government to resolve the crisis.

The citizens’ rally aimed to press the government be responsible and accountable towards the people so that it can wake up and act soon to resolve the current problems politically, according to the organizers.

Around five hundreds of People from different walks of life attended the citizens’ rally. They carried placards with messages of resolving different issues which include:

  • Address Tarai-Madhes Movement politically
  • Renounce violence from both the government and the protesters
  • Fulfill the basic needs of earthquake victims and expedite reconstruction works
  • Stop misuse of public property and encouraging practice of black-marketing
  • Restore normal supplies of basic commodities to people
  • Where is the government?

Madhesi demo 01 Madhesi demo 02

Madhesi demo 03

Due to ongoing protest in the country’s southern belts bordering with India, imports of normal supplies from India and other countries have been disrupted. Protestors have also been staging sit-in protest at Nepal-India border of Birgunj-Raxaul, through which 70 percent of petroleum products is imported to the country. As a result, the country is reeling through a number of problems such as obstruction of rehabilitation and reconstruction in earthquake affected areas, shortage of medicine supplies and rampant black-marketing.

Yet, the government is showing indifference towards addressing the Madhes issues, which is the root of the present crisis in the country. More delay the government acts, more crisis it deepens.

Here is the video of Citizens’ March to Parliament: