A 4 Year Old Child & 14 Year Old Teen Killed in Their Homes by Nepal Police

Bhairahawa, September 15, 2015 – A four year old child, Chandan Patel, was playing in his home when a bullet fired by Nepal Police killed him. Little did he know that playing in his home is a crime punishable by death. He was rushed to the hospital but could not survive the injuries. Nepal Police has denied firing any bullets, according to a report published by Hulaki News “रुपन्देहीमा बालक र किशोरीसहित ४ मारिए, यसरी भयो घटना “.

14 year old Ranjana Chhetri
14 year old teenager Ranjana Chhetri killed on the spot by Nepal Police inside her home, Source: Hulaki News

Similarly, a 14 year old teenager Ranjana Chhetri died on the spot inside her home after a bullet fired indiscriminately by Nepal Police struck her, according to Hulaki News.

Today, a four old child and a 14 year old teenager were killed while playing inside their homes. International organizations like UNICEF have still not shown any concerns about the violence against children by Nepal Police and Armed Police Force in Nepal. It is high time the civil society, international organizations, international community, and foreign powers intervene to stop such violence, for the welfare of children. Political problems exist in Nepal but innocent children playing in their homes should not be victimized.

Rajkumar Barai
A Civilian Killed by Nepal Police, Source: Hulaki News

Similarly, 40 year old Bindu Lakaul, 4, and 35 year old Raj Kumar Barai of Bethari were killed as Nepal Police opened fire after protesters pelted stones at police vehicles.

Read the full story “रुपन्देहीमा बालक र किशोरीसहित ४ मारिए, यसरी भयो घटना ” on Hulaki News.

Puru Shah

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