They themselves proposed my name, & dropped later: Adv Jha

While talking to Madhesi Youth, Advocate Dipendra Jha said:

A source close to Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN)  told me that my name was going to be excluded in the final list to be submitted to the Election Commission. Then, I took back my manjoornama (furnished consent form).

A few days ago, some RJPN leaders, including a member of the party’s presidium had approached Advocate Jha. 

They themselves had proposed my name and made it public. If the RJP leaders did not intend to include my name, why did they make it public after getting decided by their district-level committee in Mahottari?

He spoke to us over facebook messenger from Ireland. He is there to attend a workshop related to human rights and social justice. 

After his nomination was made public, youths and those intellectuals in the country were enthusiastic to expect for positive change and his contributions at a time when the provincial and federal parliaments are being set up for the first time after The Constitution of Nepal 2015 declared Nepal as the federal country.

But things did not happen as expected.

Here is what he wrote on his Facebook wall: 

English Translation: 

Who kept my name under proportional representation electoral system, for what reasons, and who pulled back my name, for what reasons? These questions could be answered by those who kept and pulled back my name. Please do not ask me such question. I have been working for the welfare of the marginalised communities, including Madhesis, ever since, and I’ll keep on doing that. I can only say this at the moment. The people themselves will find out the answer in the appropriate time.

Here are some of the tweets and facebook posts/comments that follow the incident.

Finally, our team remarks:

You are more important than most parliamentarians sitting outside. It is not good for the credibility of the RJPN that you were included first and dropped later. We convey the urgency of having you back and keep on doing what you have been doing for the community.



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