#100DaysMadhesProtest Observed with #NepalSpeaks Movement in Capital

By David Caprara
KATHMANDU, Nov 22, :

Scores of activists converged at Maitighar Mandala in Kathmandu Saturday evening to commemorate the 100th day that the Terai or Madhes has been under the grip of bandha (which will actually be on Monday as per agitating Madhesi front).

The event was a follow-up to #MadhesSpeaks events and offered a chance for Nepalis in Kathmandu to express their solidarity. 

Photos and comments from attendees were posted on social media under the hashtags #NepalSpeaks and #KTMwithMadhes. The event was not a protest or a celebration of bandha, but carried a tone of grief for more than three months that the Terai has restricted itself from supplies and its children from schools in self-destructive attempts to spark action from the Nepal government.

Participants paid homage to over 47 persons including 10 policemen who lost their lives in Terai during the demonstration for equality in the country’s constitution. They lit candles to write-out the number ‘100’ and stood together for a moment of silence.

The Saturday’s event observed in the capital

The event was attended by Tribhuvan University professor and former ambassador Dr. Vijay Kant Karna, political analyst and Madhesi activist Tula Narayan Sah, and Madhesi front leader Devendra Yadav among other leaders. Five groups, including #KTMwithMadhes, #HamiNepali, Code for Nepal, and Madhesi Youth, that had previously been working independently organized the event.

Before the event, youth activists gathered at Bikalpa Art Cafe and discussed about ongoing protest and the future of Madhes.

A follow-up to the event Human Structure of 100 to Mark 100th Day of Madhes Protest, will be held on Monday, November 23rd .




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