Nepali students in New Delhi organized a candle light procession to mark the 100th Day of Madesh uprising  

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Group of Nepali students of New Delhi organized a candle light procession at India’s premiere academic institution Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). The program was organized by Terai Madhesh Study Group of JNU.

“We are assembled here for the cause of Madhes. We want to give respect to those martyrs who are killed by the state of Nepal to silence the voice of Madhes”, said Raksha Jha, PhD Student of the same university.

Bikash Mishra, another PhD student said that he organized it to pressurize the government of Nepal to listen to the genuine voices of Madhes. He expressed that he is really disheartened to know the killing of innocent Madhesi.

“I am really worried now. The government of Nepal has become utterly insensitive. Is this the way a government treats its own people?” added Binay Sa Kanu, Project fellow in the university.

Nepal government has mercilessly killed more than 50 peaceful protestors in Madhes. Curfew is imposed in several parts of Madhes with fresh killings in Saptari district.

“If the state do not address the demands of Madhes peacefully, Madhesi themselves will find ways to deal with it and I fear that the demand of secessionist will get stronger”, remarked Sohan Prasad Sha and Rajesh Singh, other research scholars of JNU.

All the students gathered there with their candles to mourn for those killed for the greater cause of Madhes.

The Terai Madhes Study Group has been organizing talks and protest programs related program in New Delhi.

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Bikash Mishra

Bikash Mishra hails from Birgunj, Nepal. He is a research scholar at School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.