Congratulations on GunTantra & Inclusive Constitution in Nepal

We have been delighted to hear that Nepal is now a Federal Democratic Republic. All those three are big words so, we had to look up their meanings. It turns out republic means गणतन्त्र (GunTantra) in Nepali. And then it all made sense.

On behalf of Nepali/Madhesi youths, we would like to wholeheartedly congratulate the ruling political parties in Nepal who ushered in GunTantra after ending a decade long armed struggle through peaceful negotiations.

Inclusive Constitution

Soon after ushering in perpetual peace through GunTantra, we have been informed that an inclusive constitution has also been passed by an overwhelming majority. To investigate this historic and unprecedented success, our senior and smart correspondent ‘Chatur Nepali’ left for Singha Durbar (The Lion Palace). After arriving there, he asked a simple question to our honorable politicians.

Question: How many of you were involved in drafting an inclusive constitution?

Hearing ‘Chatur Nepali’s simple question, all of the honorable politicians raised their hands and replied in unison, “Five of us”.

[This report by ‘Chatur Nepali’ has not been independently verified yet.]