Survey about Madheshi Diaspora

The Madheshi diaspora have spread around the world rapidly. Similarly, various organizations for the welfare of Madheshis have been conceptualized to advocate and secure the sociopolitical rights of Madheshis all across the globe. These organizations need to come together and form a rainbow for a Madheshi cause, while preserving their own individuality, an appeal for active collaboration and cooperation is the need of the hour.

After active discussions with various Madheshi organizations, it was collectively decided to run an online survey to understand the social and economic condition of Immigrant Madheshi community. This, ‘Immigrant Madheshi Survey‘ would run for next 3 months, and the data collected in due process will be utilized to create a closely knit networking between the Madheshis across the world.

We appeal and encourage every Madheshi immigrant to participate in the survey (link). With the active co-operation and support from the Madheshi diaspora, we can reach out to 20 Lakhs immigrant Madheshi living in Qatar, Saudi, Malaysia, USA, UK, India, China, Bangladesh, South Korea and etc.

This survey has been collectively promoted by following organizations:
  1. DFW Madheshi Samaj, USA
  2. Association of Nepali Terian in America (ANTA), USA
  3. Association of Nepal Terai Australia (ANT-Australia), Australia
  4. Madheshi Community in Victoria, Australia
  5. Association of Nepali Madhesis in UK (ANMUK), UK
  6. United Madheshies of Nepal (UMON) – Delhi India
  7. Austin Madheshi Samaj, USA
  8. European Madhesi Society, UK
  9. Nepal Madheshi Korea Sammaj, South Korea
  10. Help Madhesi, Qatar
  11. Non-Resident Madheshis Association (NRMA)
  12. Madhesh Human Rights (Madhur), USA

Each Madheshi organization is a unique color in the rainbow of the various Madheshi Organizations. This rainbow is open to all Madheshi organizations for further embellishment. Joining hand together would make this rainbow more beautiful. This is an appeal for joining hands together for a cause.

Madhesi Youth appeals all the Madheshi Diaspora around the world to participate and promote this survey.