Life in Harsar Village of Dhanusa

Harsar village lies about 20 kilometers north of Janakpur in Dhanusa district. Dhanusa district has sent more migrant workers abroad than any other district in Nepal. See Migration in Nepal – Data and Trends for a detailed analysis.

If you have been following my articles on migration, you may remember reading High Risk And No Return which chronicles the story of Halima Khatun from Harsar village. A month ago (in March 2017), I also wrote about Mohammad Mumtaz Rain in an article titled, Injured in Saudi Arabia, a worker is told: “It was your bad fate” who is also from Harsar.

In this article, I present a photostory that captures a portion of daily life in Harsar village.

Author’s Note:

I traveled to Nepal and United Arab Emirates (UAE) in December 2016 for documenting the stories of Nepali labor migrants.

This work is part of a student media grant by the Center on Conflict and Development at Texas A&M University. I would like to thank The Center on Conflict and Development at Texas A&M University (ConDev, for its funding and support. ConDev seeks to improve the effectiveness of development programs and policies for conflict-affected and fragile countries through multidisciplinary research, education and development extension.

I would also like to sincerely thank Jeet Kumar Sah, a volunteer at Madhesh Relief Fund (MRF) and Er. Krishna Chandra Sah, the coordinator at MRF for extending their support during my field trip to Harsar village.

To read more about this project: see The Confict and Development Center at Texas A&M University.

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