Code for Nepal Organizes “Ko Nepali” Competition

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Code for Nepal is organizing a “Ko Nepali” competition. This competition aspires to spark a dialogue or discourse about different identities in Nepal – who is a Nepali and what it means to be a Nepali. It also hopes to demonstrate the rich diversity of people and culture who coexist peacefully in Nepal.


The competition is open to all Nepali videographers and photographers, living in Nepal or abroad, who are 14 years old or more. Professional videographers and photojournalists are not eligible. Videos can be submitted in Bhojpuri, English, Maithili, Nepali, or Tamang.

To incentivize applicants, they are giving away Rs 55,000 in total. The first prize for video is Rs 25,000. They will award cash prizes to 6 applicants! Before you submit, please carefully read the instructions and eligibility criteria! The deadline to submit the application is April 27, 2016. 

Instructions on how to prepare your application:

For video submissions:

  1. Think about what it means to be a Nepali? Discuss with your friends and family. Write one or two paragraphs on what do you think it means to be a Nepali!
  2. Find a quiet and bright place. Give your smartphone/video camera to a relative/friend. Ask her/him to record your thoughts while you speak.
  3. You could also create a documentary/film that is 3 min or less that shows what it means to be a Nepali.
  4. Upload it on YouTube. Complete and submit the form below.

For photo submissions:

  1. Use your camera/smartphone to take a photo of people that you think  shows diversity of  Nepal.
  2. Upload it on Google Drive or Dropbox. Complete and submit the form below.

Also if you have questions on what kind of submissions we are looking for, watch this video!

And check out this video for tips on how to take good photos/videos with your smartphone!


  • There is no charge or fee to participate in this competition.
  • The video or photo should respond to the question: Who is a Nepali?
  • Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes (180 seconds). Videos can be in Bhojpuri, English, Maithili, Nepali, or Tamang.
  • Stealing or copying others’ work is plagiarism, and those submissions will automatically disqualify participants from the competition.
  • Participants can submit up to 1 photo or 1 video for consideration, not both.
  • Code for Nepal staff, interns, advisors, and their immediate relatives are not eligible to apply.

Application form


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