The four major political parties of Nepal have proposed division of Nepal into six federal states.

The pie chart below shows percentage of population in each of the six proposed federal states. Two of these federal states, state 2 and 5, lie in Terai, locally known as Madhesh. State 2 and 5 comprise 20.4% and 16.4% of Nepal’s population respectively.

The dashboard below shows a quick comparison of all federal states by population (male and female), number of VDCs in each state, and number of households. Stay tuned for more comparisons.

Please visit the pages below to see more detail by districts in corresponding federal states in Nepal.

State 2 (Madhesh) – Population
State 5 (Tharuhat) – Population

Data Analysis by: Madhesi Youth

Data Source: Nepal’s Central Bureau of Statistics. Special Thanks to Chandan Sapkota (Twitter: @csapkota) for directing my attention to this data source.

Dataset: “Part II : Social Characteristics Tables (Caste/Ethnicity, Mother Tongue and Second Language)” [pdf].

Few words on the data set: Nepal’s CBS induces unspeakable horrors by only publishing pdf and not associated csv or xlsx files. Processing data from PDF documents is time-consuming and mundane. I have taken the liberty of extracting pertinent data from this PDF document into a user-friendly spreadsheet format. If you would like to perform your own data analysis, you are welcome to use this dataset.

Download – Federalism in Nepal – Ethnic Majorities in Six Proposed States [Google Spreadsheet], courtesy of Madhesi Youth.

[Disclaimer: This analysis and its deficiencies are mine and does not reflect the official stance of Madhesi Youth organization.]