The four major political parties of Nepal have proposed division of Nepal into six federal states.

The dashboard below shows an economic comparison of all federal states in terms of GDP, all districts and their per GDP, and 20 districts with the highest GDP.


Please visit the following pages to see the economy of corresponding states in more detail.

All States – Economy

All Districts – Per Capita Income

State 2 (Madhesh) – Economy

State 5 (Tharuhat) – Economy

Data Source: Nepal Human Developement Report (2014) by UNDP, via Open Nepal – “District wise Per Capita Gross National Income ( 2014)

[Disclaimer: This data is incomplete and has not been validated by Madhesi Youth yet.

The total GDP for all sectors measured in 75 districts adds to 13 billion USD. The total GDP of Nepal in 2011 was about 19 billion USD. So, the economy of all the sectors measured here accounts for about 72% of Nepal’s total GDP. However, this data is still useful to compare the percentage distribution of Nepal’s economy across federal states because data is available for each sector across all proposed federal states. This is the most complete economic data I have been able to find for all 75 districts in Nepal. If any of you know of a more complete data source, please send us via the feedback below or through our Contact Us page.]