Holi Celebration in UAE, Dubai

The Non-Residential Madheshi Association, UAE chapter, organized Holi, a festival of Colors in Dubai, UAE, featuring ethnic Madheshi music, food and color. This was the continuation of the Holi celebration as social gathering of Madhehis in UAE since last few years. Holi is a common Hindu festival of joy and color, moreover regaining a global stature. Holi is a unifying festival.

On Friday, 9th March, 2018, Non-Residential Madhshi Association (NRMA) organized a cultural program to celebrate Holi and organize a meet-up of Madheshi diaspora in Dubai, at the Lotus Down Town Metro Hotel. NRMA has been active towards organizing the ethnic minority of Nepal, i.e. Madhehsis all over the world. NRMA organizes cultural programs, festival celebrations for migrants and collects funds to help fire victims, flood victims, cold wave victims in Madhesh. NRMA has also actively contributed for the welfare of the martyrs and the injured during various Madhesh Andolan in Nepal.

NRMA had invited famous singers and dancers from Madhesh, like actress Dolly Sarkar, singer Debendra Sah Soni, singer Anju Yadav etc. Around 300 Madheshi residents in UAE attended the event. In addition to the professional artists invited from Madhesh, local artists like Mr. Brajesh Singh, Mr. Shubhash Yadav, Mr. Ramnath Maharara, Mr. Gyan Prakash Yadav, Mr. Jairam Yadav etc also presented their artistic skills on the stage. The event was presided by Er. Sanjay Kumar Karn, president of NRMA-UAE. Dr. Bobby Singh Yadav, Vice President of the NRMA-UAE, presented the welcome speech and Er. Basant Kushwaha, International President of NRMA, and the Chief Guest for the event, conveyed his best wishes on the occasion of Holi. Dr. Rabindra Kumar Yadav, Advisor to the Association, gave information about the purpose, work area, role and direction of the future of NRMA. The event was anchored by Jag Narayan Mandal and Mr. Amit Sharma. Mr. Binod paswan, Mr. Sant sah, Mr. Rampukar Raut and Mr. Dharmendra Govidar played important role in organizing the overall event in the capacity of program-coordinators. The event was financed by Madheshi businessmen, Mr. Binesh Yadav, managing director of Metal Craft Industries. Mr. Naaman Siddique, UAE’s General Secretary of Nepalese Muslim Society, extended congratulatory notes on behalf of Muslims of Madhesh on the auspicious occasion of Holi. Mr. Naresh Yadav, financial administrator of Nepalese Air Services Corporation wished success for the event and remarked that these gathering will help Madheshis organize as a society.

Advisor of NRMA, Dr. Rabindra Kr. Yadav remarked, “Holi is a global festival of peace, joy and color and we all should celebrate it to bring brotherhood and friendship amongst ourselves. Also, this event is focused in raising funds for martyrs of Madhseh Andolan.”