Dalit Community in Dhanusha Receives Emergency Relief Support


Flood-affected and homeless Dalit and poor families residing in Mukhiyapatti of Mushaharniya village wore smiles on their faces after a vehicle loaded with emergency relief materials entered their village. It was a surprise for them. The reason was, they hardly received any relief support immediately after any disaster took place.

A total of 83 flood-hit families received emergency relief materials, including food items in the presence of police personnel, and local youths. Following is the breakdown of the relief package distributed to the locals under different categories: those with fully damaged houses (12), those with partially damaged houses (70) and one family with pregnant woman (1).

A special package, that was given to a family with a pregnant woman – Kaushalya Devi— whose house got completely damaged, included Chiura (beaten rice) – 2 kilos, Dalmoth (snacks)—1 kilo, Rice –5 kilos, Cooking oil—500 ml, Vegetable spices – 3 items, a packet of iodized salt, Tarpaulin – 1, Mosquito net – 1, Blanket –1, Apples – 1 kilo, pomegranate –1 kilo, Wai-Wai instant noodles – 2 packets, soybean – 1 packet, potato – 2 kilos and torchlight –1.

Likewise, a total of 82 flood-affected families received a package of emergency relief materials that contained 2 kilos of Chiura (beaten rice), 1 packet of Dalmoth (snacks), 3 kilos of rice, 1 kilo of potato, and a packet of soybean.

Floods have completely damaged houses belonging to a dozen of households. The people have become homeless. Likewise, the rest of houses have partially been affected.  Locals have lost their properties, agricultural crops, and cattle.

The distribution of emergency relief support to flood-affected families was done under the leadership of Human Rights Officer Kiran Karn and presence of local youths, and police personnel. The distribution was also monitored by Dipendra Singh, chief of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Janakpur.

Mushaharniya village is densely populated with Dalit households. This village is far from the district headquarters.

A joint initiative for emergency relief support to Nepal flood survivors, by THRD Alliance and Madhesi Youth.