What/Who is Madhesi Youth?

Madhesi Youth is a digital platform for young Nepalis to express themselves.

What Do We Do?

We offer fact-based, data-driven and independent analysis on issues that affects Nepalis in general and marginalized groups in particular.

We offer alternative and grassroots voice for marginalized groups, including Madhesis in Nepal.

We advocate for guarantee of human rights, equitable development, and youth empowerment in Nepal.

Mission Statement

Madhesi Youth strives to promote justice, equality, equitable development, and youth empowerment in Nepal.

Who is Behind This Website?

This website is an initiative of young Nepalis who are passionate about building Nepal and ensuring equitable development, and equal opportunities for everyone. See Our Team page for more information.

Long-Term Goal of Madhesi Youth

We have long-term goals in Nepal such as donating bicycles to school going girls from economically disadvantaged groups, digital literacy via learning resource centers, digital mapping of resources, policy recommendations for development based on data analysis, rural electrification, and dowry elimination among others.

Find us on Twitter @madhesiyouth and on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/madhesiyouth/timeline